Do Rhino has Use Background Shader like Maya?

Hey Folks,

I’m very new to Rhino 3D, not yet started to explore. But dying to know that, Rhiho 3d has “use background shader” like Maya?

If yes, pls share some tutorial or help material.

If not, pls help me to get the similar characteristic shader to use.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t use Maya but looked up that feature and think what you’re looking for is the command BackgroundBitmap if you want to use the image as reference while modeling. There are options per viewport where the bitmap is displayed such as color or greyscale. You can alternatively use the command PictureFrame to place an image texture on a planar surface and use that. If you wanted to make objects appear as though they were on a plane in the image you’d have to use a rendering plugin that supports a shadow catcher material. Brazil for Rhino calls this a Matte material as one example. One last option is to change the viewport background to an image file in the Display panel located at the right of the UI.

Thanks BrianJ.

I’m not asked about BackgroundBitmap, shadow catcher seems relevant, but Matte material seems absolute match.
I noticed in few other render engines they calling this material Cutoff shader, custom alpha shader etc.

Here’s scenario that I would like to use this shader,

Consider a diamond ring, I don’t want to render that as whole, combined, single pass render.

A. Metal part as a separate layer without the areas where the stone overlapping in a particular view,
B. Stone as a separate layer without the parts where the prong/other metals overlapping on it,

Can you guide me to achieve what i want with the help of above details.

Thanks in advance,


It sounds like you might want to try the Vray render plugin for Rhino. It will have render pass control for post process compositing. Here’s a link to the developer of Vray for Rhino for more info.

That is relatively easy in V-Ray. The material type is called ‘Wrapper Material.’

Link to v-ray support docs.

Thanks BrianJ, schultzeworks.

Last couple of days i’m trying with VRay and wrapper material.