Vertex Shader in Rhino?


I recently bought a bunch of 3D trees, where one mesh (the trunk) is shown to have a gradual change in color (in the viewport), from white at the top to black at the bottom.
I would like to apply two different materials to each color (black and white) to make a smooth transition between them.
I was told that ‘vertex shader’ is the way to go. How is this possible to achieve in Rhino v6?

if you already have vertex colors in the proxy, you can use UVW texture to assign colors you want at render time.
If you don’t use gradient, or falloff (depending on the desired outcome) textures.

Here is a supposed tree trunk using UVW

Nikolay, thank you for your answer!

I’m not aware of how I assign a color to a texture. Do i do this in Rhino or vRay?

I’m not sure if I understood you, but all I done here is inside the V-Ray Asset Editor, just a couple of clicks

Inside Vray, good!
Basically i would to assign a custom made materiall to ‘black’ and another custom material to ‘white’. How do I assign my material ‘A’ and ‘B’ to the corresponding black and white?
The goal is to get a darker shade of bark on my tree towards the bottom, and lighter towards the top.

I’m not a 3D artist, and I’m not sure if there is a better solution, but a simple blend material will do

This is somewhat what I was after, so i’ll make it work :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!