Vray Texture Mapping / why so slow?


I usually work on big architecture/archviz projects with Vray and the most frustrating part is to not be able to quickly preview (in a kind of shaded moded) the texture scale of materials. This means that I need to render in low quality every time to check and is very time-consuming.
It especially happens with more complex procedural materials, which constitute 80% of my work.

Does anyone have the same struggling? What could be a workaround?

thanks to everyone


there’s no need to render every time. You can made a custom display mode and choose ‘Color & material usage / rendering material’.

For this need the display mode “V-Ray Interactive” is available.


Rhino does not have any means to display V-Ray procedural textures. Rhino viewport is only supports bitmaps and Rhino native procedurals (for which it has the code)

We’re working on an automatic baking feature, so at least some sort of bitmap approximation could be displayed. Still there is no way to display the raytrace textures

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Thanks for the reply, I wanted just to be sure that I was not missing some sort of options that would allow it…
Looking forward for the future integration of these features.
Thanks for the good work overall.