How can i Render with transparent Background?

I need help
i want render with transparent Background but keep the shadow and light reflection


What render plugin are you using? If this is with the default Rhino Render, go to Options>Document Properties>Rhino Render and check Transparent Background. You’ll then need to do a normal render as well with the ground shadow and composite the two together externally. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, post some images to explain or a 3dm file.

Hallo Brian
thank you for reply i am using V-Ray
i want to get result like this (see the image )

I don’t see the use of a transparent background in that image. It looks more like a white ground plane and a white visible background. However the shadows above the objects look like a drop shadow layer adjustment in Photoshop. I’m not sure if this helps but I believe Vray has render channels you can save out individually in their Render window. This could help with compositing several images. It seems like that’s what you’ll need for the effect.


Yes!^ And also be sure to have the alpha channel enabled for the ground plane!

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Save the render as a PNG and it should wipe the background.

thank you for help and support i will try this way

Video to do this exact thing

More video at


thank you everyone for Help
i have transparent background but i still have no reflection or shadow
i tried to composition in photoshop but i don’t get what i want
should i use wrapper materials??

Yes. That’s the only way to do it if you want to capture the shadows and reflections on the ground plane / floor. Sorry I didn’t mention that previously.

If anyone comes searching in 2020, the current answer is simple:

Create the floor and give it Matte Shadow Receiver material from Diagrammatic folder.



Excellent tip. They should have had that material all along. It was in Studio Max over ten years ago!