Dividing irregular surfaces into equal spaces


I’m relatively new to Grasshopper and Rhino and I am stuck with what seems to me to be a minor issue.
I already created an array of an element as a Brep which later is supposed to be a panel.
The first problem is that I am trying to use Box Morph to apply that panel (Brep) into equally divided spaces on an irregular surface and I cannot divide the surface into equal spaces, because I get more divisions on the curves (mainly because of the control points for the curves) and my equal divisions become further divided on the irregular parts (curves).
The second problem is that when I try to Box morph my geometry into each of the previously mentioned panels - I only get the basic element projected in the boxes (panels) and I lose my “deformed” array that I previously created. Anyone has an idea how to solve this?
I should also mention that the arrayed geometry that I’m trying to box morph is deformed with a simple curve attractor method with the Scale NU command.

Thank you!

Please upload a grasshopper definition.