How to convert brep from loft to surface and divide into panels and provide mechanism component

i want to convert the curves from loft brep to surface and divide into panels and make a working facade like

mechanism like this performative
somebody pls help me out, thanks a (16.1 KB)12121212121212121.3dm (81.7 KB)

This question is asked often on this forum, use the forums search feature to see why this wont work and things you can do to resolve it.

Also, you haven’t attached any files so we can’t look at your curves. Always attach files. Screenshots of grasshopper definitions on their own are useless for help.


We do not need Rhino, we just need grasshopper. Internalize your rhino references, please read this post (specifically point 3): Help Us Help You

As for not finding on the forum here is some results after searching divide brep:

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yes i have checked all this and i have tried all these but doesnt seem to help me out :frowning:

You can explode the brep and panelize the surfaces, however this wont resolve corners lining up. If you want corners lined up you will need to think about this problem a bit more. You can unroll the surfaces and line them up, panelize in 2d, then wrap the panels back. Long story short, this is not an easy thing to solve (and is not anything like your reference image which is on a much simpler tower geometry.)

im trying but it seems to not work out, if u could take a moment and make one gh and help me that would b great

i searched and found the solution myself, jus as simple, explode brep by using deconstruct brep


God bless you I was struggling SO MUCH WITH THIS you might have saved my uni degree XD