Paneling morph

Hello! Does anyone know how to make the panel split more or less the same?
MO.3dm (174.6 KB) (13.0 KB)

rhino5.3dm (119.9 KB) (11.7 KB)

Did you try a different value for U or V to space those more evenly?

Maybe this begins to help, though it ‘equalizes’ for both U and V: (28.8 KB)

it adapts from this old post:


Yes, I like the way you divided the surface, but I can’t figure out how to morph it.
I’m sorry, I’m new to the grasshopper

No problem, gh pains understood :slight_smile:

and sorry I meant *twisted box as you won’t be able to turn those boundaries into boxes easily unless they’re twisted boxes (look into Pufferfish plug-in for these morphings).

Also you might need to re-work how the surface is made, as no matter how it gets rebuilt (off of same starting surface) it continues to be funky in some areas for proper mapping of your curves.

Something worth doing is changing your logic a bit, so as opposed to morphing you could decide to make your geometry from the surfaces themselves:

here’s a start of that logic changed - though the lines you were using are built the same way (35.3 KB)

Good luck!

Thanks for your help!