Adaptive Reference Unit Module on Trimmed Surfaces

Hello guys, I’m kind of a newby in grasshopper

I need some help in Grasshopper, I have these 144 Trimmed surfaces that I need to apply an adaptative Module from a reference Unit One, that needs to be adjusted on each surface of these,

Here’s a quick representation of what I want to achieve

The idea I got is simple, Wanted to parametresize the Module panel considering the 4 points and then I thought I would try to use the Box Morph Component … Things didn’t turn out as expected …

Need some help , any suggestions please ??

You can use the box morph component in Grasshopper. You’ll need to make a box around the reference object and extrude the surfaces to morph the brep for this to work. With this, you’ll be able to deform the reference brep according to the target boxes.

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Thank you for your response,

I already tried working on that, same way, Th problem is that I don’t have a Unified Surface that is devided to UV Isocurves, I have irregluar independant Trimmed Surfaces.
Second point, my shape goes beyond the Bounding box of the surface i’m using.

I tried badly using Box Morph, since it didn’t work, I thought maybe i was doing things wrong and that maybe there should be another way …

I can try to help you if you can send the gh file if you don’t mind.

Then, use untrimmed surfaces in the first place.
This is an example using Sporph and Ngon plugin’s DiamondDivide.
The result in surface U&V directions is pretty consistent. (14.7 KB)

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Yeah of course, Thank’s for your help …

Oh that’s cool, the only problem is that I already have the surfaces,
Have a look the Gh file (15.0 KB)

The GH file doesn’t have the green 3d module. Can you share that as well?

Still working on the module (the green one), so I just did some random form only to specify what I actually need.