Dividing a surface to equal distances

i’m trying to divide a surface into equal widths and heights but it always divide them like an offset to the the surface not vertical and horizontal lines
i want to create the panels like the picture below i used the lunch box plugin it gets me the result in 2nd picture then i tried dividing the surface with isotrim but it gets me the same result

PanelingTools is a plugin that allows the grid to be different the Iso UV direction or spacing. Here is a recent thread about it:

ok thanks i will check it out

Update: I’ve tried servel methods in the topic couldn’t get any to work or i guess it is a different case… tried a new thing where i patched the surfaces and got the results i need but i need to trim the results that is outside of my form i tried either split brep with the roof but it doesn’t work
, tried extruding the edges of untrimmed faces and spliting also doesn’t work and i also tried projecting the edges and split surface it didn’t i appreciate your help

Trimming.gh (27.7 KB)