Dividing a surface to equal distances

i’m trying to divide a surface into equal widths and heights but it always divide them like an offset to the the surface not vertical and horizontal lines
i want to create the panels like the picture below i used the lunch box plugin it gets me the result in 2nd picture then i tried dividing the surface with isotrim but it gets me the same result

PanelingTools is a plugin that allows the grid to be different the Iso UV direction or spacing. Here is a recent thread about it:

ok thanks i will check it out

Update: I’ve tried servel methods in the topic couldn’t get any to work or i guess it is a different case… tried a new thing where i patched the surfaces and got the results i need but i need to trim the results that is outside of my form i tried either split brep with the roof but it doesn’t work
, tried extruding the edges of untrimmed faces and spliting also doesn’t work and i also tried projecting the edges and split surface it didn’t i appreciate your help

Trimming.gh (27.7 KB)

Your problem here is it seems you are working between Rhino and Grasshopper in a less than ideal way. In general it is best to work as much as possible in one or the other. For example here you are making your surfaces in Rhino and then trying to panelize them in GH. This gives some difficulty as the surfaces themselves in Rhino haven’t been modeled correctly (if they are meant to be as per the image in your post). However the process you have can be done entirely within GH. That way you have an entirely parametric model, you don’t need to rebuild surfaces in Rhino every time you want to make a change.

In my version below, I’ve extracted just the base curves of the walls you have and the curves to build the roof from. Building everything within GH makes it much easier to control your panelling.

Split question MBH.gh (17.0 KB)

Thank you for your replay it is really great
the form is actually generated in grasshopper also but i guess something went wrong along the way i will review the code and compare the too to understand what creates a cleaner surfaces and model overall thank you for your help i really appreciate it.

“i will explain what i did to achieve the form i’ve created the form with help from the forums by d but the walls were slanted and i wanted to achieve straight walls so i added a projected curve on the roof loft then lofted between the main curve on ground and the projected one”

Note: this building of part of 50 feddan project with alot of buildings so i applied the same code on different curves & changing different paramaters for each building like height, bend …etc

Model.gh (22.2 KB)

I’ve tried to implement both codes to have more control on the form and it worked but i have one problem i cant pick a specific faces to apply the panels on as i would have other faces to be solid or with less paneling so i need to select which face i apply specific panels on

Thank you again

Model New.gh (24.1 KB)

Just select which panels you want panelizing and which you don’t. Make sure you don’t break the tree structure though. New components in the purple group.

Model New MBH.gh (26.6 KB)

Ok thank you i really appreciate your help

Sorry to bother you i have 1 more question i can only select 3 at a time can i select 1 only ?

Model New MBH 2.gh (28.0 KB)