Divide length and paneling


Im trying to make 0.4/0.6 panels along this curves,

but something is wrong with my approach and so im geeting it wrong.

than i would like to slightly rotate each panel or line, to have them a little dispostioned,

kind of like that:

is their a way of doing that with grasshopper?
panels.gh (10.9 KB) panels help.3dm (53.5 KB)

Yes. However… I still can’t open your R6 .3dm file in R5 and you didn’t internalize your geometry so again, I can’t use your geometry:

More importantly though, with curved edges on your “panels” (louvers?) this gets complicated and has been done many times before:


P.S. No internalized geometry in that thread so useless… Try this one instead:

Thanks for the reply,
i manage to learn a little, and i did the attached,
but the thing i cant understand is why cant i rotate to the oposite direction

louvers.gh (20.3 KB) lovers.3dm (176.8 KB)

this time i saved as rh5

another thing i dont understand is why does the louver rotates in the axis direction instead of holding to it (to the axis)

Thanks anyway but R6 spikes R5 again - incompatible EvalSrf:


I could fix that if I had an image of your code but honestly, I’ve done this kind of thing so many times that it doesn’t interest me anymore. Good luck and have fun.

P.S. Can you rotate louvers on a simple, flat (planar) rectangular surface?

well thank you for all the rest anyway

anyone else might know how do i fix it?

louvers.gh (23.5 KB) lovers.3dm (289.3 KB)

something like that?

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yes! amazing!!

Very cool! Nice work @nikolaos.argy.

I poked around the code a little bit and realize that much of it is probably from @EliabuRada and the parts you (@nikolaos.argy) created are mostly in the purple group? (below)

Having said that, I hope these comments will be received in the spirit they are offered, to help others understand Grasshopper better.

The first thing I noticed was this text panel where a value (35.2984401) is passed through the panel instead of the panel being a removable appendage. It’s generally considered “best practice” to avoid that as it can cause problems.


Next, I noticed that adjusting many of the eighteen(!) sliders (plus two Point On Curve components) has no affect on the model at all. Looking more closely, I realized that a lot of the components contribute nothing to the final output. Specifically, everything moved to the red group (below) and disabled.

I know how it goes, my own code looks that way too sometimes before I throw away the abandon parts and clean it up. But it’s easier to understand when the extraneous stuff is removed, eh? I also disabled preview for the points that obscure the louvers. Purely cosmetic, no functional changes at all.

louvers_2019Jul11a.gh (26.8 KB)
louvers_2019Jul11b.gh (18.7 KB) (disabled red group removed)


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many thanks again for the time and patience, a learned alot today

Playing with the model, I had a hard time getting all the louvers to lay flat on the surface and started messing around… I discovered later that setting both “Domain start” and “Domain end” to 90 does the job:


But not before I “simplified” the model further by discarding the Extr (extruded) louvers and using the DeBrep ‘F’ (Faces) instead:


louvers_2019Jul11c.gh (17.8 KB)

So many ways to fiddle with these things… Thanks again @nikolaos.argy.

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Yea, so many ways!
Good that you mention all the above (for cleaning the script and the tab mistake). It’s super important for other people to understand. :+1: I didn’t have much time to do that, thank you.