Panels from lines

i need to create panels from these lines i try but not work write (19.5 KB)

So… you have bad topology, a mix of coplanar and non coplanar edges and a mix of edge count per panel as well.

The best I could come up with while still keeping all of your panel seams and overall boundary edges perfectly crisp is the following:

Keep in mind that technically these panels have slight deflections or bends in them because they HAVE to be triangulated if you want to maintain your edges exactly as they are. However, with a sheet good, depending on the scale and thickness of it, you should be able to bend it.

A separate step of logic could be used to Unroll each of these panels to get the perfect CNC pattern or whatever but my logic doesn’t include that here.

I use a sort of odd method of actually projecting this all down to be flat, generating panel groups from the flat version and then logically extrapolating that up to the curved form.

Hope this helps, cheers! (41.6 KB)

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thank u very much but simple question how u presentation point number like that in view ?
and some thing else there are additional surfaced created when make close crv and these dosen’t exists in orignal lines how i can solve it ?

Here you are, it seems that there were some bad/flipped curves which resulted in polylines not joining properly. I added a bit of logic to flip the bad curves and rebuild the polylines and now it should be as you expect!

To answer your question about the labeling of the panel points, you are seeking the Text Dot component.
You can find this component in the following plugins: FabTools, and Elefront. It is also now a native component in Rhino 8, I use it all the time!

Please see the attached updated GH file and let me know if this solves it for you, cheers!

Bad Curve Logic:

Text Dots:

Labeling Logic (Using The Concatenate Node):

Updated Panels: (42.9 KB)

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thanks bro very much

You are welcome! It was a fun challenge

hey bro i have big problem here i use this panels in structure program and it’s not allowable panels to be like that

must be seperated to be in one plane and closed how i can try to get it ?

Just those three panels that you highlighted or all the panels in that area?


Does this really need to be grasshopper? This seems like such a nuanced intention that you could just modify the rest of it in Rhino at this point in which case drawing the lines between the vertices and splitting the surface will get you where you need to be for that.

If you really need it in GH we could create some logic that checks convex edges of panel surfaces, filters based on a tolerance angle, and draws the lines where appropriate, then splitting the problemed panels and re labeling all panels

not those three panels i marked them as example look structure program can user surface not in one plane so i need to divide panels to be every panels has own plane i hope u can help me with that

So, for every panel to have its own plane you need to return the faces of the brep or mesh as its own panel.

As I mentioned earlier, since none (or very few) of your panel boundaries are coplanar the only way to panelize this is with triangles.

You can return the individual faces from the component in the comment group “Get Tightest Faces Possible”

These are your only true coplanar panels.

I did look into dividing your panels into quads based on the last sketch you provided but again, the topology is pretty rough so it’s hard to come up with a solution in GH that works well.

But a couple of lines and split surface in Rhino will take care of those no problem