Interpolate curve segment and pannels

I have some questions,
so i am trying to do something simple but some how i manage to screw it,
i divided my curve into segments and now i want to connect each 3 points with an interpolate curve,

but it will make a curve trough all of them.

Help pls

pannels help.3dm (1.1 MB) pannels (12.7 KB)

Don’t flatten. Use Flip Matrix. I can’t open your (1.1 MB!?) R6 .3dm file in R5 so can’t do more.


Curves with “kinks”, as in your screen shot, get more complicated, unless you just Loft them:


This is brutal, ugly, not parametric, embarrassing really… beyond my pay grade. (21.9 KB) (geometry is internalized, no need for Rhino file)

One more option: (13.1 KB)

great! thank you very much