How to manipulate objects in array

New to Grasshopper here! I’m trying to create a shading system, sort of pergola, in which there are panels along a curve that can turn around themselves(so they have a personal axis each) and they can also slide to one side of the curve, as f there is no roof above the pergola. I was able to find a way to create the panels along the curve but dont know how to manipulate them, especially how to make them slide and fold to the side of the curve.

Hi @Alis_Bri_A ,

Do a Google search for “louvre system grasshopper” and you’ll find a bunch of tutorials that I think will help you here. In general, you’ll want to use curve or surface frames to position and then transform your panels in relation to. Posting a GH file with what you have so far can also help in helping with suggestions.