Divide command (with Split option) unexpectedly deletes leftover curve segment

I’ve got some long curves of various lengths that I’m trying to divide into 3’ segments. If I run the Divide command using a specific length (3’ in this case) but only mark the ends, without using the Split option, I get what you’d expect: a bunch of 3’ segments and a leftover segment (some number of inches, but less than 3’). If I run the same command and options but with Split… the leftover segment disappears.
See screenshots below.

I used CrvStart and CrvEnd to mark the end points. I’m running the latest Rhino 7 SR2 2021-1-12.

I wonder if this is related to an issue I ran into a few months ago, where end points of curves were disappearing when I deleted a specific point elsewhere on the curves? Discussed here and here.

I can work around this for now using the marked points to Split the curve.

And if anybody wants to play along at home, here’s the curve I’m trying to Divide:
2021 01 16 CMPD - Curve 151.3dm (23.9 KB)

Moved to Rhino category. Rhino 7 is now the current version and Serengeti is for current WIP which is the Rhino 8 WIP.

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Important for anyone trying to duplicate this behavior. Make sure to use the Length option in Divide.

I see the same behavior using Version 7 (7.3.21012.11001, 1/12/2021)

Hi -

I can repeat that here, yes.

I tested this in Rhino 6 and Rhino 5 as well and the behavior is the same in those previous versions.
I then searched here on Discourse and - as far as I can tell - this is the first time this has been brought up here.

Searching YouTrack shows that @pascal filed this two years ago (RH-50830) and it is clear that this is intended behavior.

While the current behavior does seem unexpected to me, the developer raises some good points. In your specific case, you have decided that the last segment is “too short” - are you still going to be using that last segment downstream? Just trying to understand the issue that we are trying to solve…

My opinion is the command should not automatically delete the remainder. A user who divides by length should be aware that there may be short length remaining at one end.

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I do need the leftover segment. (This curve is one of 300 that will be similarly divided for fabrication.)

I can’t imagine deleting the leftover segment is really intended behavior. :smiley: Not without asking at least! :open_mouth:
On the other hand, if other people are using the Split and automatic deletion of the leftover bit is useful to them, then I can live with it and work around it. But I’d much prefer an option to keep all parts of the Split curve.

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Workaround is to Divide using Length with Split=No.
Then Split with the curve as the object to be split and the points created using Divide as the splitting objects.

Divide should have an option to retain the remainder piece.