Divide curve at given lengths does not mark ends, even when requested

Draw a curve, and select the Divide by length command (_Divide _Length).
Make sure MarkEnds=Yes and give a length. The end of the curve will not be marked. The parameter name MarkEnds (note plural) suggests that should happen though.

My end(s) get marked when I do it. If the length doesn’t break the line perfectly even, then the starting end of the line will have a point but the opposite end will not.

Exactly! Maybe my message was not totally clear, but the start gets marked and the end does not get marked. I expected both to be marked.

I would rather have the wording being changed to ‘MarkStart = Yes’ then ending up with a segment that is shorter than the value but appearing to be of the correct length.

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That’s probably better, and getting a point on the curves’ ends is easily achieved with the CrvEnd command I realized later.

Then it’s wishified…
Of course any change has an impact on documentation, training, existing macros, … but you can always go in and vote :wink:

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