Divide curve at specific points

I have a curve that is long, and two points that define a segment within that curve. I want to create that segment as a a new curve object defined by those two endpoints. Is there any way to do this? I saw the divide command but that seems to function a bit differently…

Hello- use the SubCrv command or the Split command.


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Hi Pascal, thanks for your speedy response. SubCrv worked perfectly. Thanks!

What’s the Domain for this? If I have 2 points on the original curve, and want to trim it or confine the limits to the the 2 points, what is the domain? Tried to construct a domain with the 2 pts, and didn’t work?

Hello - are you working in Rhino, GH, or code?


GH. Was trying to use points to generate the domain, but went back to how those points were generated (I.e. 1st and last in a long list) to generate) and it appears to do the job…