One end point of curve disappears when a particular middle-ish point is deleted

This an approximately 21’ long curve with ~226 control points.
The curve was made from two separate curves that I joined. When I delete the control point at the join one of the end control points disappears. See screenshots.
I’m using version 7.0.20295.18003 (couple weeks old).

[edited to add titles to screenshots]

Control Point selected:

“Top” end of same Curve:

Control Point deleted:

“Top” end point disappears:

Are you sure that point you are deleting is in the middle of the curve? Maybe the curve doubles back on itself and that point you are deleting is the actual end point. If you send a Rhino file, it will be easier to tell.

You could try running crvstart and crvend to make sure the ends are where you think they are.

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Interesting. I used the crvstart and crvend commands and it marked the start and end of the line as expected (no points in the middle).

I’ll upload the curve. I put a dot label on the point.

2020 11 11 CMPD - faces - Rhino 7 - one curve.3dm (32.1 KB)

Huh, yeah I have no idea.

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:smile: At least it’s repeatable! I feel a bit less crazy.

The polycurve simplified:
2020 11 11 CMPD - faces - Rhino 7 - one curve - Simplified.3dm (29.5 KB)

2020 11 11 CMPD - faces - Rhino 7 - one curve - Simplified

V6 does not do this.

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There is clearly a bug.

File with two examples of polycruves… Turn on control points. Delete the control point at the joint (cusp) and the control point at the end of the polycurve is also deleted.
BETA (7.0.20309.6003, 11/4/2020)
Joinedcurvedeletebug01.3dm (1.6 MB)

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The bug occurs when the control point of a polycurve at the joint of the curve closest to the end of the curve is deleted.

Second thread started on this topic with more specific information to try to get some attention. Rhino 7 bug: deleting control pts in joined curves

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