Display problems

V5 SR13 23/05/2016

1] “rendered shadow” mode has stopped working – it just displays a wireframe.
Restore defaults does not fix it.

2] I can’t see highlighting of (some) selected objects in rendered mode. I can’t see any reason why some
objects will highlight, and others wont. For example, just drawing a new simple
cube wont highlight – other more complex things “randomly” do (i mean they don’t change randomly, but it seems to be random as to whether they will highlight or not)…?
This problem still exists if I turn off openGL.

3] pasting the objects into v6 as a test allows them all to select and highlight as one would expect,
although V6 has its own issues – like for example if objects are not assigned a
material, they just show as mono-filled grey shaped silhouettes…


What is your GPU and driver information?

Its an old toshiba laptop - I cant update the drivers…
BUT - rendered shadows worked before, and the non display of highlights happens even with opengl turned off, and it works in V6…
so i think there is something else going on…


Hi Tony - I guess I’d set all the display modes to Default and see if that clears anything up.


Thanks Pascal - no change.

Ive realised re 1] above that there actually is no default “rendered shadows” display mode - its something i must have setup so long ago i thought it was a default display. So i just deleted it, and remade it by copying the default render display…

Anyway, the main thing is in a default rendered display i cant see highlights on some objects that i select.
Switching to shaded confirms the objects are selected, and if i paste the objects into V6, they highlight as expected in the rendered display, so it doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with the objects.

This problem is the same even if i disable opengl, so what is causing it…??

It means i cant work in rendered mode, in V5 or in V6, since V6 has its own set of problems as described above…


Yeah, rendered-shadows was what became just rendered, during the ancient WIP phase. Can you post or send me one object that highlights, if it is at all predictable and one that does not?



OK got it - when i was preparing the file to send to you i noticed the problem is that if isocurves are turned off in the properties for the object, it wont highlight in render mode.

I’d call that a bug, if indeed it is repeatable on other machines - certainly V6 doesn’t seem to care one way or the other, which is how it should be…

Thanks Pascal

Hmmm - no, it’s not correct. What happens is: (with any object eg a simple cube)

In rendered display:

A) with isocurves set to 0 , the object doesn’t highlight at all.
B) with isocurves set to one, the object highlights, but not the edges - ie only the isocurves highlight
C) setting isocurves to more than 2 makes no difference

In v6 setting isocurves to 0 still highlights the edges, and as the setting is increased, more isocurves are highlighted, which is what I’d expect.

Is this a v5 bug which can be repeated, or is it just my computer?
If it is a bug, will it be fixed in another surface release, or are we done with V5 service releases?


Hi Tony - as far as I can see, I always get the wireframe of the object highlighting when an object is selected in default Rendered mode - are you using the defaults? You can check in Options> View> Display modes - any that are listed in blue in the tree views are modified from the defaults.


Yes Pascal the display is set to the default.

It must just be this computer then… Damn.

But why then does v6 work as expected…? Different code I guess…


Hi Tony - display code has certainly been thrashed in V6, but on the other hand, I don’t recall ever hearing about the problem you describe in V5. Did you ever use the default Rendered in the past or always the leftover ‘Rendered Shadows’?


i used both those displays, but I very rarely actually did any editing in render mode,…
It’s just in the last week I’ve wanted to do that, but I can’t of course since this problem prohibits it.

I really don’t know what else to check…
I would just switch to V6, but that has differing display problems on this machine.

It must be getting on for four or five years old…but I’m reluctant to replace it just yet as it has enough horsepower for what I am doing…
Hopefully V6 will eventually settle into something that works for me…