Display modes malfunction


I have a problem with display modes. I am using Rhino 5 on a windows. My display modes are not working correctly. Rendered viewshows as wireframe. Ghosted view, shows as shaded view. This is the first time in the past 8 years this has happened. I tried restoring the view and nothing changes. This is effecting all rhino files that I try openning. What might be the problem ?

Thank you


Hi Eda -
Could you post a screenshot of the OpenGL page under “View” in the Rhino options?

How are you restoring the view?

Do you remember if you recently changed anything on your system? Updated Windows or installed some application?

Hi Wim for getting back to me.
The OpenGL page is as follows :

Actually when I was taking that screenshot, I restored the display modes from there. My ghosted and rendered views are back! SO thank you… but I still don’t know how I lost them. Haven’t changed anything in the system.

Hi Eda -
Good to hear that your display modes are back but, from that image, you don’t have any drivers installed for your GeForce GTX. You should go to the NVIDIA webpage to find the latest drivers for your GPU and install those.