View Issue/Problem Please Help ASAP

I’ve had this problem a few days ago and I really need to solve it ASAP, please help, I don’t remember messing with anything.

Are your Ghosted mode settings set to the defaults in Options>View>Display Modes? If the display mode name is highlighted blue, something has been changed. Other possible causes could be a GPU driver change on your system maybe or a geometry issue, post the model or any other one that shows the same display if you still need help.

My GPU is fine, because about a week ago I had no issues, this problem happens in any view I choose (Shaded, Ghosted, Rendered, etc). Isn’t there any way to reset all settings and solve this?

Were the Ghosted settings in Options the defaults?

Now I realized Rhino is not the problem, I have just reinstalled it and the problem is still there. What should I do?

As a check of the GPU, you could try turning off acceleration in Rhino and force CPU display in the view > other settings. (not on a PC at the moment ). Also try reinstalling the GPU drivers.