Display Issues

I am having display issues in all 4 viewports. Nothing is showing up when I try to draw in any plane and I can’t zoom in or out. The drawings only show up when I click the exit browser.
These are the versions of my rhino, windows, and display adapters.
Version 5 SR14 64-bit
(5.14.522.8390, 5/22/2017)
SN: 4-1500-0103-100-0046482-31095

Windows 10 Home

Intel® UHD Graphics 620
NVIDIA GeForce MX150

Hi Karina,
Did you ever get full functionality with this computer ?
I’m looking at buying a laptop with the same graphics card (mx150) and wondered how well it runs.
I also have a option for a mx130 instead.

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Hi Karina - look for the setting in the NVidia control panel that forces ‘high performance’ (=GeForce)rather than let it switch back and forth between the Intel and the GeForce.


Hi, I have the same problem where the viewports are frozen. I can only work in a viewport if it is maximised and then it is fine. I also have an nvidia gforce mx150. Any ideas?


did you ever get this to work?
I’m thinking of buying a laptop with this card and would really like to know its going to be a problem