Viewports frozen! Nvidia mx150 HELP!

Hi, i’ve just moved over to PC from mac. I have an HP ENVY 360 laptop, (intel core i7 8550U) and Nvidia gforce mx150. I’m running Rhino6. When I open rhino, all the viewports are frozen. I can’t zoom or pan even in an empty file. If I maximise any of the views then its fine and works pretty smoothly. I have the latest nvidia drivers installed. I’ve changed some of the graphics card settings but to no avail. Can anyone help me solve this problem??



Maybe turning off GPU tesellation may help, but in it would help mcneel and others to help you if you can post detail info by attaching results of systeminfo.

It sounds like this problem:

Thanks for that John it worked perfectly. Just to let you know that I laptop I had the problem with was a HP ENVY x360 Convertable 15-bp1xx


John McNeill

Forgot to say what the graphics card was… Nvidia Gforce MX150

Hey John,

Thank for the info, really useful. I am hinking into buy a lap with that MX150, do you feel good with the speed and resolution? when exporting to stl I understand you do not losse data

How about rendering velocities and reducing meshes?