Display difference between 7 & 8 WIP

I have imported all my preferences, toolbars and workspaces from 7 into 8. I noticed that object edges are not as clear in 8. This is not a function of zoom.



Looks like you may have antialiasing turned off in the WIP…

I’m almost sure his AA is on as I have the same issue. Whenever I need to do something for presentation purposes I do it in V7. It gives me nicer contours.
My V7 and V8 are running on max. AA settings.

Its like that already for couple of months. AA is on on both versions. Its maybe related to hardware? I see this on my GTX 1060.

What does it look like in wireframe?

I have the same GTX 1060 VCard.

What does it look like in wireframe?

Definitely thinner in V8.

The wire drawing code went through a big rewrite in order to support a number of new features that we are adding. I’ll probably have to bump the thickness up a wee bit in order to get rid of the aliasing



i am just adding some hunchie idea, i can remember that you talked about lines becoming actual triangles quite a while ago, i thought that was actually introduced in to V6 already, sorry if that is entirely unrelated. still to me it looks like the antialiasing is also happening between the triangles rather than just the conglomerated boundary of the line.

You might want to bump up your wire thicknesses in your display modes for the time being. That may help while this gets worked on.

mh… i am not having this issue at least not in V7, i just got creative looking at it, nevermind. i am sure it will resolve!