Display Bug : transparent objects shadows

Both in V6 and WIP there is a problem with objects that have transparent material assigned (any level of transparency) - as soon as they are out of the viewport, they don’t cast shadows anymore. Like in this sample:

(here is a basic sample file: one box with solid material, other two Custom and PBR with some transparency).
Shadow_Display_Bug–sample.3dm (339.7 KB)

This becomes more problematic when trying to produce hi-res viewcaptures that are larger than the screen - then in the capture tiles that Rhino stitches together these objects that are normally visible in the view, and not visible in the currently captured tile, don’t cast shadows anymore which results in this:

Normal view:

Hi-res capture (Scale=4):

Wondering if anyone else can see / reproduce this…



Hi Jarek - checking it, thanks.
Yep, I see this as well.

RH-60041 ViewCapture: Shadows missed if the image is tiled


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thanks @Pascal.
Forgot to add - this also happens for any objects with Transparency map, even if base transparency is 0%


I recall there may already be a bug report for this.
I also recall that running a Render does not seem to have this issue, so maybe that’s a work-around you can use for now.

Thanks John - I did not see this bug reported before.
I saw this happening for a while but mainly in real-time display which is a problem but not critical - only recently we ran into this being a big issue with large viewcaptures and shadows being cut-off.

Unfortunately our display modes and what we are trying to capture look nothing like Render, so it’s not a viable workaround.

RH-60041 is fixed in Rhino 7.7 Service Release