Display bug : disappearing shadows


There seems to be an elusive bug that we’ve been dealing with for a while and finally I got a chance to test it more. Both in V6 and V7, objects with material that has Transparency Map assigned don’t cast shadows once the object is not visible in the viewport. This is problematic for several reason but the biggest issue is even if the object is in the frame and seems to cast shadows OK, when capturing larger size ViewCapture files, as soon as the object is not in the tile currently being captured, the shadow is missing from that tile, producing odd looking captures.
On our end we do a lot of work when correct shadow casting from objects with transparency maps (like 3D models of trees etc.) is important for the final output so this bug is quite significant.
Here is a quick sample preview:

@jeff, wondering if you can reproduce this…



Hi Jarek - I see this, thanks.

RH-64116 Shadows lost for transparency mapped materials


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Hey Jarek,

Yep, this was missed (a while ago) when we changed how transparent objects get drawn to the shadow map…the culling process didn’t take into account the new method.

I see you also reported this a while back as well…


It got moved to 7.x early on, but then fell through the cracks… Sorry.

Please checkout Monday’s 7.x (Daily build), if you’re setup to do so…both issues should be fixed.

Let me know otherwise…


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Hi Jeff,

Just checked the latest V7 build, all works well now - thank you for the fix!
I completely forgot I already reported it, sorry about the the duplicate, but you know, that was 2020…



RH-64116 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7.7 Service Release