Displacement problem

Hi there! I have two surfaces that I want to apply displacement to. I watched Brian James’ video about this topic and have been at it for a couple of days, but I can’t figure out two things.
First, the turbulence texture seems to work well but I can’t get anything else to work. I want a different texture on each surface. Also, I tried adding turbulence to both surfaces and then just Swapping UV because I thought that itDisplacement problem.3dm (158.1 KB) might look different when rotated, but that was not successful either.
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello - I am not sure what you are after but perhaps something like this? Textures are rotated amd set to repeat differently in U and V.

Displacement problem_maybe.3dm (297.0 KB)


Yes that is definitely on the right track.
I have a couple of questions though. I tried Dir and SwapUV but I could not seem to change the direction of the texture. Also, any ideas why the turbulence texture seems to be the only one that is working for me? I would love to have two different textures but I have tried a few and they don’t seem to do anything.
Thanks @pascal !

Hello - here’s different textures - do you see them?
Displacement problem_maybe.3dm (346.9 KB)


Yes @pascal I do see them. Thank you. What other texture did you use?
Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Thank you as always!

Hi Courtney - I do not know why things did not work for you - to see how I set it up, look at the displacement settings for the objects, the texture settings used, and the mapping settings for the objects. You’ll see there is some rotation and repeats that are non-default ,as well as the black point and white point settings on the displacement.


I will check it out! Thank you!

Ok @pascal Tree bark displacement.3dm (2.0 MB) I checked out the settings on your example and now I am trying something a little bit different. I am using a photo that I took of tree bark. I used your exact settings, and then tried a few other things to see if I could make it look better. It might just be too noisy a photo. can you give me your opinion about if using this will be possible and if so some tips to make it look better? Thank you!

Hi Courtney - that will work but you need to align the image the right way up - as is, it is mapping 90 degrees to the aspect of the rectangle. Use Dir >SwapUV to swap the directions on the surface. I’d say you could expand the black to white range in this case a bit as well - depends on what you are after,

and a slight blur on the image might help as well-

Tree bark displacement_PG.3dm (2.3 MB)