Displacement HELP needed - Instruction please

Hi - I have been struggling with Displacement, and it is just not working for me.
I have attached the drawing and the texture, and simply want it applied to the whole object, and let the mesh dictate the visual effect. Some will look like distinct bumps (in the smaller defined quads and triangles) and others as streaks (in the elongated quads and triangles).
Thanks in advance !


TEST Part - Rhino - Scout - 121421 - verA1 Fillet.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hello- that image will not generate a bump that looks like that image - if you want to displace so that it would look like that if similarly lit, the map would look quite different. But, I can’t tell if your green image above is something you like or do not like.


Hi - About a year ago, I somehow created that green image with a keystroke (surprise) and it was done in AutoCAD, not really knowing what I was doing. It was completely bumped all over, based on the mesh tightness (best I can describe what happened) I have the piece and the same leather.jpg that created it, but cannot remember how.
Any ideas ?

Well, you can diplace at very low quality using a noise or grit texture and get seomthing like this -

Is that on the right track? (ExtractRenderMesh and Unweld the mesh)


THAT looks really close and good enough. Please detail the steps. THANKS !!!
Bottom Line is that this drawing needs to end up as a STL file.

Hello- start by adding a texture - I used the grit one, resized to 0.5 units, but in this context I am not sure that matters - any noisy texture ought to work:

Set up the displacement like so:

Small amount (white point) , low quality (so it does not attempt to add more polys to the mesh), and not welded at all (zero degrees)

Any luck?


Thanks Pascal. That gives it a nice authentic wood grain surface.

Ah, OK, I see what you are up to.