Displacement, GH definition, paneling Tools, FlowAlongSrf?

I thought it would be more straightforward than this…

My goal is to have a textured surface that will be 3d printed. The base shape is a simple cone.
I thought about using displacement and then ExtractRenderMesh and build a mesh model around that but, with the level of detail needed, it was unworkable.

I checked a few Grasshopper examples but could not find how to divide the surface the way I wanted; not following the UV grid but like if a piece of fabric was draped on the cone, like this

I thought about modelling the desired pattern on a flat surface and then use FlowAlongSrf but, while the shape is easy to flatten precisely, I could not get it to flow back to the original shape. Anything I’m missing here @pascal ?

Then there’s the Paneling tools… If it’s the only way to go I’ll try it. I guess I will have to lay out curves in the desired orientation (as the grid in the UV Editor) and proceed with the steps shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3E8jOKeNOk&list=PLcCuMtdXzHHAz3oiYjiSNI0MN2ZATnDoc

I join a test file if someone has time to play with this.
test_cone.3dm (2.8 MB)

Hi Marc - ExtractRenderMesh the displaced mesh and flow that. Is that good enough, as a mesh? This way the mapping is locked in so to speak.


Hi Pascal, thanks for taking the time.
That would work but I’m not able to get this result. No matter what combination of options I choose, I get bad results. Best I got:

Oh no, I get it!
For the base surface, I have to select the flatten surface with the “natural” UVs!