Flowalong Srf


I would appreciate any help, I am trying to flow along surface these hex’s (Floor Panels) on GH. How do I maintain the scale and get it to match properly?

LANDSCAPE.3dm (17.2 MB) SixProject.gh (14.8 KB)

Unable to open huge R7 .3dm file, can you save it as R6?

LANDSCAPE R6.3dm (17.2 MB) Sure here you are :slight_smile:

OK, there’s just no way that’s ever going to work at all.

Are there anyways to do this flowalongsrf just in rhino for example?

I don’t know what outcome you envision but no, this isn’t even close to correct.

For future reference, this file has that surface internalized, no need for HUGE Rhino (R7) .3dm file.
SixProject_2021Jan13a.gh (112.0 KB)

What do you expect this to look like, if it worked as you imagine?


I guess something similar to this

I found an alternative which will have to do for now, I created a grid of the panel and drew a boundary. Sel Boundary, Thanks for your advice

I have no idea what that means. The video does not answer my question, which is “What do you expect to happen with the hexagonal pattern on the oddly shaped surface in your model”?