Help with FlowAlongSurf

I’m having troubles understanding why I can’t get my pattern to flow in the direction I want and what I need to change to get it to work the way I envisioned it.

The “cone” was create by lofting between 2 curves that start at “1” and “2”. I use the cylinders with a base surface corner at “3” and the target surface corner at “2”. The result is as you see it. I want them to flow “around” the cone not “up” the cone. What (if anything) did I do wrong in creating the entities, how can I see the info I need (e.g. object coordinate system, edges, normals, etc), and/or what do I have to do to change things? Bear in mind that in the actual case the “cone” is a much more complex object so recreating it in a different fashion is the least attractive answer.

Can you upload the .3dm file with your simple example. Use the vertical arrow key above where you type your message.

Quick followup. What I’m actually trying to do is map a rectangular array of cylinders to an organically shaped solid, shelled object so that I can do a boolean difference to create holes in a meshlike pattern. I’d like to hear if there’s a better (non-grasshopper) way to do this.

@SteveP For your original question use Dir with SwapUV option on the base surface. The cylinders should then warp horizontally rather than vertically.

Here’s the model. It’s actually a cap to go over the end of a thumb. A co-worker had an injury and would like a custom cap to protect it while it heals. The holes I’m trying to add are so that air circulates. The loft curves and the cap are currently hidden.FlowTest.3dm (320.3 KB)

Grrr. I figured it was obvious to someone smarter than me!!! I should simply ask instead of spending way too much time trying to figure it out.

Thanks a bunch.