3D texture

Hi everyone,
I am lookimg to have this effect as on the picture below.
I’ve managed to do it with the displacement, but I need it in nurbs.
What’s the best way in your minds ?
Is there a way to generate it with Grasshoper ? I’m an "advanced user " in Rhino, but I don’t know anything in GH…
I hope you could help.
Thanks a lot.



The only efficient way I can think of is to model these shapes on a planar surface and then FlowAlongSrf on the conical surface of the bowl.

you can do that with TSplines and a lot of patience.

Why isn’t your displacement flowing over the lip and down inside? Have you tried (other) mapping widgets?

The UNWRAP mapping widget might get better coverage for you. Just make sure the entire model is joined.

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Hi all for your answers,

Marc, flow along surface is a good idea, il try to distribute among the surface many polysurfaces and do booleans with the revolution.

RicardoAmaral , I’m looking for a more automatic solution, as I need to do many containers with this texture.

schultzeworks, I wanted the texture only on the out surface.

There is no way to “extract” the displacement in NURBS ?

No, the displacement is only on the rendermesh, not on the actual nurbs geometry. It is only screen trickery, but you can extract the rendermesh with the _ExtractRenderMesh command.

Why do you need it in Nurbs?