Disconnect all wires from input

Sometimes in grasshopper, there appears an option of ‘Disconnect all’ while right clicking on the input of the component. Sometimes it doesn’t. Is it component specific, or related to workflow?

Do you have an example of where it doesn’t show?

I tried to replicate the issue. As of now I’m getting ‘disconnect all’ on every input and output. I’ll surely post a screenshot with example when it doesn’t show up in future.

Are you aware how many wires were connected in issue case?
Because if there was only one wire plugged in, “Disconent All” wouldnt be an option from obvious reasons.

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No, I don’t remember.

Yes, I know it won’t show up.

I am beginning to feel like I posted a wrong query. I should have taken screenshots to be more clear myself in the first place.

I’ll surely get back when I experience the missing option of ‘disconnect all’.

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