Wire Deletion (feature request)

would be great if Wires behave like Nodes when deleting them.
(quicker & more efficient)


This seems quite bad.

I’m searching both the web and this forum, and honestly, I still don’t know how to detach a wire.

Also, I see very few McNeel people answering in this forum compared to the Rhino forum. Is Grasshopper development dead?

No Grasshopper development is focused on the next version. I’m not supposed to make additions to GH1, only bug fixes.

Remove a wire either from the menu of the target parameter, or by tracing over it whilst holding Ctrl.

I found that window selecting wires is super weird, but pick selecting works okay-ish.


Thank you, I get it now. You had to trace the entire path of the wire to disconnect it, which is pretty cumbersome. Also, you had to right-click in the correct spot on a node and then select disconnect, and the correct node from the sub-menu too, which I didn’t understand at first.

Yeah it can be pretty cumbersome, especially if the wire is long. Sometimes it’s less work to double click on the wire, insert a relay, untrace the wire to this relay and then delete the relay. But only marginally less work.

GH2 supports per wire selections (and subsequent deletion). I actually just made this work yesterday.


lookin fwd to GH2 !! :wink:

the core functionality is there now.


super cool! are you just clicking on the wire/s and hitting ‘Delete’ ?
edit: also, is GH2 tied to Rhino V7 or can it be updated independently when it’s ready ? (in V6 for eg)

Yeah, click with the regular shift or control modifiers to add to, remove from, or toggle selection. Same as pick-selecting components in GH1.

I’m building GH2 against Rhino 7 at the moment, and it seems quite likely that’s where it will stay, as I’ll be needing more and more R7 sdk functions as time goes on. It is however an ‘independent’ plug-in just as Grasshopper 0.9 used to be.


I have heard and seen so much interesting new ways to work with Grasshopper2! Can’t wait to see it live…Can be the year called 2019 when GH2 will be first seen public? What’s is your estimation?

Grasshopper is not intuitive and I’m a old user…
How do I disconnect from an element?
How to delete a connection?

Go to the component ( not the input), right-click and choose Disconnect.

Manual Page 53. section: WIRING COMPONENTS

[FEEDBACK feature-request]
A better option and feedback can be to;
Hold Ctrl and cut the cable presing right or left

+1 for wire deletion, though I though of a knife, like a wire cutter or a pasta cutter.

It makes sense for cleaning up after a copy and paste, so groups of components can be reused quickly and efficiently.

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Could be more useful to have a copy/paste shortcut that disconnects all wired inputs outside of the copy in the case of copy paste.

I am sorry, but you are going to have to come to terms that people want this feature, and perhaps a few more : )

I don’t understand. Are you working to stop progress?

Nope, wire deletion has been a must for years and glad it’s there in gh2. I among many have requested it for years on the old forums. Please read very carefully in the future. I state in the context of copy/paste it would ALSO be useful to have a shortcut to copy without wire attachments. Take for example you wanted to copy/paste a group with 50 wires connected. Would it be more useful to then delete 50 wires or just paste without them in the first place? Again I repeat so to be sure you read it, I AM NOT AGAINST WIRE DELETION.

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So when you paste a group of components it still keeps the internal wires, but not wires to sources which were not part of the copy block?



+1 to Copy/ Paste components without connections to external sources.

I’d also love to see a ‘Disconnect All Inputs’ or ‘Disconnect All Outputs’ depending on whether you were right-clicking on the inputs or outputs side of the component (i.e. underneath the existing right-click ‘Disconnect’). It think it’d be a nice two click solution for a large number of use cases.

Something like this:


While on the copy / paste topic, would it be possible (if you haven’t already) in gh2 to have “move to front” / “move to back” / “move forward” / “move backward” options for components and groups. Currently a copy / past always puts the new components ontop to the original visually (as new components always go over older ones in the case of overlapping components). Would be nice to have control over the component draw order.