[FEEDBACK] How to disconnect an element !?!? [ANSWER]

Dear Grasshopper, I forget how to disconnect an element !!
Please improve this part of the software; Looks like not intuitive.
I did not find an answer and still searching.

I use to use other visual programming tools and delete connection are simple and intuitive.
Like deleting as if cutting dragging the mouse over the wire while pressing Ctrl, selecting the wire and delete or just pressing right click into the socket and in the pop-up menu delete.

How to disconnect an element in Grasshopper 1 ?
Select the input text[right click] and then [left click] to open the menu > “Disconnect” option.

Go to the final component you whant to disconnect, not the connector input but the actual.
Page 53. section: WIRING COMPONENTS

Gh2 will support wire selection and deletion, in gh1 either use the menu of the recipient parameter or draw the wire again whilst holding Ctrl.