Relay with multiple wires by double clicking

while working, I had an idea:
many times, as you work, a lot of wires start accumulating at a component’s output. If you want to use a relay, you have to double-click on one of them and then connect the rest to it and then reconnect it to the component’s output. (unless there is a trick I don’t know)

What if by double clicking on the semicircle plug, every wire that comes out of it, connected to a single relay.
(better explained in the image)

Hold Ctrl+Shift while you click drag and you can disconnect and move a bunch of wires in unison. Does that help?

That was the procedure I was describing.
When you already have a component with multiple outputs:

  • you double click on one of them,
  • ctrl+shift+drag the rest to connect them to the relay
  • connect the relay to the component

What I’m suggesting is that it would be faster if you just double clicked (but on the semicircular thingy instead of a wire) and all the wires reconnect instantly to a new relay.

*It’s not a problem, just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Okay, I see, that would save a step. I filed your request as



If you want to save the second click, why not right-click+drag?