Disable Gumball Items


I cannot seem to find a way to disable specific gumball items.

In particular, I’d like to disable the possibility to scale with the Gumball while maintaining the options for rotate and move. The reason obviously is that accidental scaling will distort the object while rotating and moving will maintain geometric integrity.



@Willem, just found out that changing “Scale handle size” to zero will make them disappear. But i agree, there should be some regular toggles for all gumball items.


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Hi Willem - got that, thanks



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I have asked for this like a gazillion years ago - like when Gumball was first introduced…
(for the same reasons as @Willem)


Indeed I remember that.
It was only yesterday, when nesting a lot of parts I felt not so confident because the possible miss-click and micro move of a scale handle.


The obvious alternative was introducing Mode specific Transform widgets, as they are Standard in Mesh modeling apps. Makes more sense to me, than permanent feature deactivation…

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