WISH: Gumball with corner handles


I often miss the functionality of the Detail corner handles when editing with the Gumball. The Detail cp’s are very useful for adjusting an object in both x and y size, with a fixed opposite corner.
How about adding those rectangular edit points / handles onto the Gumball:

So in Addition to Gumbal having scale rotate drag etc…
A layer would be added to control editing like that on Details



I would wish also the scale handles to not appear where point handles are in certain objects or CVs.
As you can see on your picture. Every time I try to deform an object I get into scaling it so I have to go to some isometric or perspctive mode to be able to avoid the scale handles that overlap my points of interest.


Absolutely. Also the option to turn off the scale handles completely.


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And scale handles that are bound to xy, yz, and xz planes - like there are already for the move handles.


Hi Norbert, I don’t understand this one… Scale handles and Move handles are aligned…?


Hi Willem - My feeling is that BoxEdit and Gumball are two interfaces to the same kind of manipulation and would, in an ideal setup, be one thing, which is maybe where you are headed with this.


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Okay I had a look into the help files to use the correct Rhino terminology, so hopefully I will be able to explain what I’m wishing for:
the gumball has three “axis plane indicators” which are visible depending on the view rotation in perspective view.
By dragging these indicators I can perform a move constrained to the plane indicated.
I would like to have the same possibility with scale.
And while we’re at it give me a way to easily input a numeric value for this scale operation.
That way it would be possible to do a numeric 2d scale via the gumball (not only the 1d and 3d numeric scales that are already possible).

Now I might be missing something and all this is already build in to the current gumball implementation, but I haven’t found this particular function.

Ciao, Norbert

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Got it, Scale 2d is a fairly common wish for Gumball… I do no know how that might work UI wise, but I do understand the wish now- thanks!


Hi, Pascal
No, the size doesn’t make the scale handles “hollow”. Anyway, not such a big deal considering the fact that gumball disappears when control points are turned on… or as i do, just turn off Gumball temporarily.

control-drag and control-click (for numeric input) might be an idea?

Ciao, Norbert

Hi adXok - for now, you can try making the scale handles larger, say 8 instead of 4, so that if they line up on points there is at least a better chance of keeping the two visually separate. (Options > Modeling aids > Gumball)


Hi, Pascal
No, the size of the scale handles doesn’t make them “hollow”. Anyway, not sucha big deal because when I turn ContorlPoints On the gumball disappears… or usually I turn it off (temporarily). :slight_smile: