Help? Green box of inthewayness?

What malady have I caused to conjure this green box?
It seems to have come with the SR13 update.
It only shows in the Perspective view.
It shows a hinted center-spine curve.
If interferes with multiple object section.
It seems related to object naming.

How can I disable it?

What is it’s purpose?

It’s the Y axis gumball scale handle.

I set a keyboard shortcut to toggle the gumball.

F4 noecho _Gumball Toggle

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Thank you, Martin Siegrist

I tried the Snappy Gunball toggle. When that is on, it shows. Sigh. It’s off, now.

The gumball is a very useful tool. Many basic transformations can be done without having to select a command…

I only use the Gumball for translations.
The damn thing is on again grrr!
I need this green box off, for keeps.

I think there is a bug in the update.

Can’t you just toggle the gumball at the bottom edge of the screen?

Alternatively you can disable the scale handles by replacing the default value 4 with 0.

I don’t want to shut off the whole gumbox. I will try the handle thing.
The functionality is really messed up. It is very difficult to work around it.

It certainly looks like a bug. Same settings:

Short Object

Long Object:

This behavior does not appear to have changed since V6. It appears that the Gumball scale handle stays the same size on-screen only up to a certain zoom level, when zooming in further than that, it starts to get bigger.

Or, perhaps it’s the inverse of the above, when you zoom out, it never gets smaller than the value in the Gumball settings. The move and scale handles are 2D screen space objects in that they always face the camera (like dots and arrowheads). The rotate handles of course do need to be relative to 3D space.

In any case one can type _GumballScaleMode and change the mode to Relative and adjust the factor - this way the scale handles and the Gumball itself will always stay the same size on screen no matter what zoom level or object size.

This is somewhat confusing as I think the terminology used is inverted - my feeling is that “Absolute” would indicate keeping a fixed size and “Relative” indicate that the size varies “relative” to the the object size. But in fact it is the opposite.

And it is also strange why this particular setting it is not available via Gumball settings but instead needs to be typed at the command line…

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