DirectShape Idea to help geometry troubleshooting

@kike / @scottd
I wanted to suggest a tweak to the “Add Geometry DirectShape” component.

Its an awesome component, which we are using to do some heavy lifting, basically moving a whole building facade design into Revit during early design so that we can document it. Especially with materials, it works great.

Typically though, we find that there a few pieces of troublesome geometry in the bunch. We’re working with upwards of 8000 pieces of geometry, but the warnings and errors aren’t helpful in figuring out which pieces are “bad”.

Would it be possible to add one or two outputs on the component, which return “geometry which generated warnings” and “geometry that failed”. Alternatively, could the error/ warning messages include more information about the indices of the failed geometry, to help track it down?

(This is an example of the current warnings)

Hi @Matthew_Breau,

The failing geometry is highlighted in orange on the viewport, but I can see how tricky may be to identify on which path and index is this geometry coming from.

Internally we talked about this, so is on the plan also for components that use transactions and may throw warnings or errors about Revit elemnts.

So yes will be there, don’t know when.

Thanks @kike, I’m not seeing the orange highlight in my document… Is it in the Revit viewport or the Rhino one? Is a certain viewmode or setting needed to see it?

The highlighted geometry should be displayed on the Rhino viewport.

If failing geometry is less than 2 pixels, with the current zoom factor, it will be represented as a fat point.

No view-mode is necessary but wireframe may help you.