Add Geometry DirectShape boot up problem

Hello all, I realized that loading a script with this component live, well it doesn’t like to be ready to go.

It corrects itself after a copy and paste of the component as you can tell by the screenshot.

Any opinions about that ?

Category input has a value? Try removing the non-essential inputs of name and material as well to try to narrow down the missing reference.

I had already tried all that, here’s a picture of the input we are missing.

Use Trigger component with lock enabled to control unwanted Revit transactions.

It’s not that

I misinterpreted your post with the additional button image. Can you provide files that we can look at? Thanks

It’s your
Revit (506.0 KB)
own code, nothing special here,


You didn’t internalize the geometry, I used a box and switched the Element Tracking to Replace then back to Enabled and everything seems OK.

Hi @thomas.lagarde,

There is a problem when some input geometry produce no output, this may happen when input is not valid o degenerated, like a mesh with no faces.

There is a fix on 1.14 to handle those cases gracefully.

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Cool, I also played with the tracking mode feature and it took care of it. I didn’t dig enough that time.