DirectShape Error on Re-run

I have a fairly simple script using the DirectShape component. If the component’s tracking mode is set to “Enabled: Update” then it runs properly the first time, but subsequent runs result in the error shown here.

Deleting the component, then placing a new one, or switching the component’s tracking mode to “Enabled: Replace” fixes the error, so this is not a critical bug, but wanted to report.


I’m not able to repeat this, can you send your Rhino.Inside.Revit About info as well as files? Thanks.

I just DM’d you with the files, my Revit version is 2022.1, with this Rhino/ Rhino Inside info:

I was having this issue with previous RIR versions earlier this week too (I updated to the latest to test some issues regarding Areas). Also tested with a few different models and was getting the error with those as well.

Perfect, thanks. I’ll test it out and report my findings.

hmm, not able to replicate yet (Revit 2022.1). I do get some Geometry errors in the from the stair, but no Object Ref errors. Can you try without the stairs?

is that the same file you are working in? Tolerance is .01