Geometry DirectShape problems warning eror doesn't give useful info

I have over 10,000 geometries running into the Dshape component. How can I tell which ones had a problem? I got the geometry back into Rhino using get element geometry and checked for invalid. Nothing seems to be wrong.

would it be possible to output the errors in the same tree structure as the input data?

RIR should be marking these geometries that have errors in the Rhino viewport on the geometry. Do you see any orange or red markers in Rhino?

no, i had preview off. i see the points now.

i managed to find some bad objects and try to rebuild but nothing seems to work in some cases.

Geometry conversion is still a work in progress in edge cases. We continue to work on this and make it better. Send us examples of the geometry that is still failing even with SAT import workaround in RIR please :smiley: