Dimensions do not work with History

I have a problem with dimensions in Rhino 6. They do not automatically update when I scale object when I am in normal modelling mode. They do automatically update when I draw them in Layout, but when I close the file and open it again the link between geometry and dimensions in the layout is gone.

Hi - I’m not seeing that here with a simple test. Could you please provide a small sample file and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce that issue?

hello Wim,
here is a link to Wetransfer (https://we.tl/t-ELNxt55Uzs) where you can find a rhino file and two videos where I am showing the issue. In first video dimensions work as I need them - they update when I move/scale my geometry. The second video is the same file after I closed it and opened it again. Dimensions are not „linked“ with the geometry any more.

I thought that in rhino 6 dimensions should be always linked with geometry - also in normal modelling window - for me, it works only in Layouts window and as I described it do not works when I reopen the file. I am using rhino form MAC.

Excellent tutorial and very well explained!

Hi @venamly - I’ve been looking at this for some time now. I was able to reproduce this running 6.23 but have then been trying with an updated version. At one point I got an orphaned dimension without having closed and restarted Rhino (so, not the issue that you describe) but was never able to reproduce that behavior. I was wondering if you could change your update frequency from “Service Release” to "Service Release Candidate" and then install the current 6.25 release candidate. Let me know if you then are able to reproduce the issue.

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hi Wim,
I updated my version as you suggested and now it worsk!!! perfect Thanks! Never the less my dimensions still do not get linked with geometry in normal modeling window only in Layouts mode. I saw in some tutorials that it should be automatically linked as well.

One more question: Is there any way how to export leyout drawing as vectors without genereting 2D - drawing first? Now when I do export to PDF it recognises dimensions but the rest is restiresed jpg.

Hi -

No, that is not possible in vanilla Rhino. The VisualARQ plug-in lets you do that…

That should be automatically linked, yes. Can you provide a file and a step-by-step description on how to reproduce that issue? Start a new file from a factory-default template, make a rectangle in the top view, … take it from there, perhaps?