Bogue Dim in layaout space

HI everry one

we find a new bogu in rhino 6 SR5
Rhino 6 SR5 2018-5-29 (Rhino 6, 6.5.18149.14421, Git hash:master @ 39e73a6a93c18c92e40c05cb323c990246a30569)
Licence type: Commerciale, build 2018-05-29

File rhino 6
persienne 2.3dm

Video 1


If I double-click on the window and ja deactivates it, odds move without reason.

I even try to lock the dimensions but the problem persists.
For the moment, the Solution is cut and paste all dimension snap on window for broken the link withe the objects.

Hello - thanks for the report, I see this.


I can see the problem in your file, but I can’t find a way to duplicate it - I can’t make a dimension that works that way.
If you can tell me how to repeat the problem it would help a lot.
Do you know what you may have done to make the ones that move?
Do you know what version or service release they were made with?
Thanks, Lowell

The two dimensions that were updating incorrectly had history linkage to instance definition geometry. That;s not supposed to be able to happen, and I haven’t found a way to duplicate it.
I’ve changed history update for dimensions to check for it and not update, but would still like to know how it could happen.

HI sorry for the late response.

to creat the probleme.

1 open the file “persienne 2.3dm”
2 delete all dim
3 add afew dim in layaout space.

4 edit the windows and activate disable it.

The dim are moved !!!