Can't double-click Dimension to edit

Hey guys, come up with this one today. Is there a way easy get the dimension input to reedit the text value when there are objects behind which automatically prevents the item selection popup instead of the edit popup for the text value of the dimension. Thanks alot for you help

Select the dimension then edit the text in the box at the top of the Properties panel. Temporarily switching to wireframe view may allow you to avoid some selection woes.

Also, if you enable history for the dimensions, they will update when you change the placement of the objects.
(of course, that doesn’t help if you only want to add something in front or behind the value…)

thanks @MattE works!
@wim this does updated automatically even without history. turn on control points and drag or just use 1D Scale

I know. But then you have to select it first - bringing you back to your original problem (or at least partially).