Dimension doesn't appear in Revit

Hi everyone, I’m trying to add a vertical dimension at some Brise-soleils in my Revit project, in a lateral view. I’ve created the views and referenced the Brises, but idk what happens when I add the vertical line (I took the vertical curve from one of the faces of my brise-soleil). The component of Linear Dimension runs, but the dimensions don’t appear in my views on Revit.

Does anyone know what could be happening?

Hi Daniel,

We’ll need more information to be properly help.

Revit dimensioning is very particular, it requires sub element references that qualify for the view you are placing.

A good way to see how this works is to place a dimension manually and see what the references are.

Hi Japhy, thanks for advising me with the best practices for posts, I’m kinda new here.

I’ll try to send the entire script I used.

When I try to put the Dimensions on the brises, it only works with the Aligned Dimension. The brises are defined as Generic Models. Also, this component “Element References” doesn’t appear to me, albeit my RIR version is 1.19.