I cannot change the dimension type

In Rhino Inside Revit (RIR), I can only select one dimension type. When I choose another, the previous dimension disappears. Is this a bug?

Not seeing any issue here with a simple test. Can you provide an example? Thanks

going through the Right click set…

I imported lines from Rhino into Revit to create detail lines for dimensioning. However, I found that changing the dimension type doesn’t work. This is my Grasshopper file.
dimension type.gh (20.8 KB)

You definition is working as expected here.

The values shouldn’t be zero; it seems like it’s not functioning correctly.

Swapping the Types is functioning as expected. When a get a chance i will look at the rest of your definition setup.

Its functioning correctly.

If you manually place a dimension string and check its Annotation References you will see 4 points. Your dimension is referencing the Curves.

Here i used points to create the Dimension String.

re_dimension type.gh (18.7 KB)

Thank you, I understand what’s going on now.