DimAligned projecting to the CPlane and not giving me real measurements

Hi, Ive working with rhino for some time but I don’t consider my self an expert on this software.

I’m using Rhino 7 for Mac and the command DimAligned is not working as used to. Before DimAligned place the dimension on the object, now (idk what I click) place on the CPlane and is giving false measurments.

In my search for a solution a came across this post that explain my exact same problem, but say that originate when upgrading from v5 to v6, and was a bug that was fixed. But I did not upgrade and cant find a solution, pleas help me!

I’ll attach my file, but is not just in this one
Medidas.3dm (5.9 MB)

Do you see how the dimension I did yesterday snap to both ends of the line I try to measure?
And now the dimension is projected to the CPlane and is not giving the same data. (in this case may be is not that noticeable, but I have another line that is just too far from the actual measurement)

The discrepancy is due to the projected points. Setting the cplane to the same plane as the planar curve will all correct picking of the dimension points.

But that means that I need to change the CPlane for every dimension I take?

Just yesterday was working fine, I selected two points and the result was a dimension on the object with correct data

I found a solution (?)

If I move one of the point’s line, the dimension update itself right? well I just found that if I move one of the points and without letting go return to the original position de dimension automatically snap in to 3d position giving me correct measurements. Some times I need to move in different axis. It’s uncomfortable I would rather find a solution for the bug, but at least I can resume my work


using Set Cplane to Object in a Alias like this would be quick, you could also add in the Offset as well as a revert to World Cplane after.

'_CPlane _Object _DimAligned _Object

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is it possible to run as a chain command? or you are just enlisting the commands I need to use?

Thanks for your replies

To repeat an Alias you can add an * to the beginning.

You would want to add the offset and _enter into the alias if you’re looking to repeat.

More info on Aliases.


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You open another world for me! this is grate.

I try your alias, but Rhino give me an error Unknown command: _Object. I copied from your answer and try to type my self, same error

You’ll get that if the Object is already on the current plane.

Now I select a line that I draw en 3D space selecting two points of a mesh and now the error said Unknown command: _DimAligned_Object Unknown

Here i subselect the Edge and run the Alias (CC)

'_CPlane _Object _DimAligned _Object

DIM example


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I’m sorry for not responding earlier, was buried in work. I don’t know why it did not work last week, now that I try it works like a charm. Thanks again for your responses, help me a lot