Can You Get Around DimDiameter's Projection?

DimDimension always projects a circle to the CPlane, which outputs an incorrect diameter. Is there any way to get around this?

The original layout is flat on the CPlane (left circle) and is flowed to the destination (right circle). I tried to flow the dimension with the same curve but Flow will not accept a dimension type.

Example file from screenshot:
DimDimension.3dm (195.6 KB)

BTW, this would be my ideal dimension. I can do it manually with a text block, but then it wouldn’t be tied to the circle for history, be prone to typos, etc:

Hi Eric - you can kind of get there with a macro

! _CPlane _Object _Pause _DimDiameter _Pause _Pause _CPlane _Undo

Unfortunately CPlane > Object seems not to accept preselected curves though so there is extra clicking.


Yeah, this is a highly repetitive thing at the end of a job.

I’ll have to figure out a way to script something.