How to Measure Dimension for this object

How to Measure Dimention for this object? I want to label the length of every edges

I tried every tool in drafting but none of them works

After using Rhino for so many years, I can’t believe I can’t figure out how to measure dimension on lines that are not on the XY plane (also XZ, YZ plane if I switch view). Am I missing something for this extremely simple task?

See the alias in this post for a quick way to dimension these off plane edges

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Oh Man. Thanks for the macro tho. That is a smart and advanced way to do it.
But I guess I gotta submit a feature request for this :sweat_smile: its honestly a really simple and basic task that deserves its own command

Keep in mind that annotations by default will not likely be a precise as you might expect. The named annotation style you are using is rounding to a user definable precision.
That’s inherent mistake in dimensioning anything you can not measure to verify. This happens anytime your dimensions are not coplanar to the view they are printed in.

Be smart and don’t make costly mistakes.

Thanks for the remainder. I dont think precison would be my primary concern here. I mostly just dont want to keep typing Length command on lines, only to forget the number I got a few seconds later, which is what Dimention is for. I think another good example is the Marker function in Houdini, which display intrinsic values with just a few click, such as label all the points on geometry started from 1, or label all the surfaces, velocity or in this case label all the primitive edge length for all edges on geometry. This is needed sometimes for example if I need to manually pick the longest line among a bunch for design purpose without the interests of writing a whole gh script.

I do know that subtracting two points will very likely yeild magnitute of some square root compound number. But whatever rounded number display by Length is perfectly fine. Dimention is just for notepad purposes. It’s just weired nothing under Drafting is able to measure line not on XY plane easily (without tasking or complicated workaround like setting viewport, setting CPlane etc).

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Hi -

As John implies, in Rhino, dimensions are mainly intended for production documentation.
For your purpose, you could create text objects at the edges and use the CurveLength text field.
Or, simply automate that in Grasshopper:


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